NRHO-6000 不銹鋼體感單摩打電熱除油抽油煙機

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不銹鋼體感單摩打電熱除油抽油煙機 (NRHO-6000)

功 能:
* 微電腦輕觸式開關操作簡單方便
* 整體無縫外殼設計方便清潔不藏垢
* 3段速度選擇
* 高速2極單摩打
* 一鍵自動電加熱除油使清潔更加方便快捷

產品保用2年 摩打(正常操作)保用10年


電壓: 220v~ /  50Hz
排風量: 960m³ / h
摩打耗電量:195 W
噪音:≤ 65dB
照明:2 x 3W
排風口徑 : ⌀150mm / ⌀ 6 ”
尺寸 : (W)700mm x (D) 370mm x (H) 330mm



Stainless Steel Somatosensory Single Motor Electric Degreasing Range Hood (NRHO-6000)

Function :

* Simple and convenient operation of microcomputer touch switch
* The overall seamless shell design is convenient for cleaning and does not hide dirt
* 3 speed options
* High speed 2 pole single motor
* One-button automatic electric heating degreasing makes cleaning more convenient and quick

Product warranty for 2 years, motor (normal operation) warranty for 10 years


Model: NRHO-6000
Voltage: 220v~ / 50Hz
Exhaust air volume: 960m³ / h
Motor power consumption: 195 W
Noise: ≤ 65dB
Lighting: 2 x 3W
Exhaust aperture: ⌀150mm / ⌀ 6 ”
Size: (W)700mm x (D) 370mm x (H) 330mm

Cleaning system: electric degreasing