28L多功能蒸焗爐迷彩特別版 (NCS-28CG)

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28L多功能蒸焗爐迷彩特別版 (NCS-28CG)

功 能:
* 集多種烹調功能於一身(蒸烤、烘烤、純蒸、發酵、消毒、保溫…)
* 獨立上下溫度控制
* 機身內304不銹鋼材質更加耐用
* 全無幅射,放心使用
* 獨有50種一按鍵菜單功能,方便現今上班族
* 熱風對流功能令烤爐功能更接近完美
* 獨有上前排蒸氣口,安全及方便擺放
* 產品保用2年


功率: 2000W
額定電壓: 220-240V~
額定頻率: 50Hz
溫度範圍: 40˚C-230˚C
容量: 28L
水箱容量: 1.3L
凈重: 16Kg

爐身尺寸:495mm(W) x 380mm(H) x 472mm(D) 連手柄
爐內尺寸:340mm(W) x 240mm(H) x 280mm(D)


– 商店,辦公室和其他工作環境中的員工廚房區域;
– 農場;
– 客戶在酒店,汽車旅館和其他住宅型環境中;
– 住宿包含早餐型的環境。



Multifunctional Steaming Oven (NCS-2800P)


* Integrate a variety of cooking functions (steaming, baking, pure steaming, fermentation, disinfection, heat preservation…)

* Independent upper and lower temperature control

* 304 stainless steel in the body is more durable

* No radiation, feel free to use

* Unique 50 kinds of one-button menu functions, convenient for today’s office workers

* The hot air convection function makes the oven function closer to perfect

* Unique upper and front steam port, safe and convenient placement

* Product warranty for 2 years


Power: 2000W

Rated voltage: 220-240V~

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Temperature range: 40˚C-230˚C

Capacity: 28L

Water tank capacity: 1.3L

Net weight: 16Kg

Body size (with handle):  495mm(W) x 380mm(H) x 472mm(D)
Furnace size :  340mm(W) x 240mm(H) x 280mm(D)

This product cannot be operated by an external timer or a separate remote control system.

This product is used in household and similar applications, such as:

-Staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and other working environments;
-Customers in hotels, motels and other residential environments;
-Accommodation includes breakfast-type environment.

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